Domestic Digesters

BiogasSA specializes in the design and installation of various types of biogas digesters for both the domestic as well as the commercial market.  We also stock a range of biogas appliances, generators and various fittings.

Domestic Digesters

The Puxin Digester
Our primary domestic digester is the patented Puxin digester.  This is an in-situ cast concrete digester and takes approximately 4 days to install by a licensed BiogasSA installer.  The unit is 10m³ in size and costs approx R45 000 depending on soil conditions and geographical location.

10m3 puxin digester

DIY BioBag Digester Kit

BiogasSA recently added the DIY Biobag Digester Kit to our product range. The Biobag is the simplest digester that can be installed, requires little skill, easy to operate and maintain and cost effective.  The application is typical for rural communities, schools with feeding schemes, old age homes as community based projects funded by either municipalities, local government or through donor funding. 

This not only provides rural households with cooking gas to replace wood and other fossil fuels, but also provides skills, job and entrepreneurial opportunities that can be focused on youth and woman in our rural communities.

The Biobag Kit comes complete with the actual PVC digester, gas pipes and fittings, in-line gas pressure pump, desulfurizer, safety valve, moisture trap and complete installation and operation manual. The Biobags come in sizes from 10m3 to 50m3 – depending on the quantity of organic waste that is available.  The costs vary from R14 000 to R42 000 per kit.

BiogasSA Biobag Digester

Inflated 10m³ Biobag

Gas Pipe & Fittings

Digester Pipe Fittings & Valves
Pressure Pump & Desulfurising Unit
Moisture Trap & Safety Valve









Other Products

Biogas has a lower calorific value (less combustible) than LPG (or natural gas) and can therefore not be used to run normal LPG gas appliances. Regular appliances can be modified to run on biogas by enlarging apertures (theoretically a simple process, but a lot more tricky in practice), but until converting LPG appliances becomes practical and economically viable, BiogasSA imports a range of specific biogas appliances from China.

Appliances are not carried as stock and are normally only supplied as part of a Biobag Kit or installation.  


BiogasSA Product List

2 Plate Cooker
Industrial Cooker
Steamer Pot

Biogas Electric Generator
Gas Light
Hot Water Geyser